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My MapShare submission accepted and on MSR map BUT not on iOS GO maps

PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 378 [Supreme Pioneer]

I submitted a correction to MapShare which has been accepted:

25/06/2019 10:27
Add a street Missing part of road: Please add road between 51.88752,-1.14479 and 51.88776,-1.14539. Also please block unnamed road to A41 road junction at 51.88782,-1.14511 as unnamed road is a deadend with no access to A41 road at that point.

This submission was accepted months ago and is now correct on the MSR map online. However, it has not transferred to my TomTom iOS GO maps which are the latest and which are update once a week.

Why is my MSR report not on my device's maps?



  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,917 Moderator
    Hi @PrivateerUK

    Do you mean the GO Navigation for iOS or the GO Mobile app?

  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 378 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Hi @VikramK

    I’m running The newer GO Navigation for iOS v 2.0.3

  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,917 Moderator
    edited October 2019
    Thanks @PrivateerUK

    I can see this has been accepted and closed on the 27th June 2019. I guess the inclusion could have been missed in the last quarterly release, but it has higher chances of getting incorporated in the next release.

    I know the GO Navigation app(iOS) has the weekly map update but these cover changes like speed limits, road closures etc. See more information on this link-

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