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Why Essential 5 need to be connected to WiFi (for Traffic) and GO 5000 not?


I bought TomTom GO Essential 5, but I wonder why this device need to be still conected to network for TomTom Traffic? I have GO 5000 also, and this device doesn't require internet from my phone. There is any option to keep Traffic turn on without the internet shared from my smartphone?


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    Mobile SIM in GO5000 is unlimited? And there is no option to put SIM in Essential 5 too?
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    Hi @mateideros

    The mobile sim is supposed to work for the life of the device provided the mobile system to which it connects is working which it still is.

    There is no option to add the sim. The Premium models have the inbuilt sim which is part of the extra cost to cover the sim and the lifetime operating cost.

    If you look on the following you can see the additional eayures on the Premium and the next to last item states that the Premium has the Sim whereas the basic and Essential do not


  • mateiderosmateideros Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Now I know everything.

    I have last question. I use GO Essential every week, from Thursday to Saturday. It's circa about 40 hours per week. How many internet data will Traffic take?
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    Hi @mateideros

    Funnily enough @VikramK, who is one of the Tomtom Mods on this site, indicated the amount of data used in one of his posts this morning. Here is a link too it.



    ps I bet there is something your don't know!!!! =)=)
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