No Traffic information (services) with mobile-data- Android GO MOBILE app

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The last months i encountered a problem with traffic information while driving in The Netherlands, Germany and/or Austria a several times.
After using the Go app with mobile(roaming) data with success suddenly after a coffee-stop starting up again or on first start after not using it for a while, the TomTom Go app, the app refuses/failed to connect to the TomTom services.

It was very frustrating for me the last months that when i needed the Go-service at most in rush hour traffic it was failing.


First i thought the TomTom servers/services where unavailable but there were no notifications from other users at that time.

While on the way i became co-driver and had the chance to figure out a the problem/solution. I hope this may help TomTom to discover the issue/bug with this issue.

I have a Huawei - Nova 2 (PIC-LX9)
Android 7.0
Go version: 1.17.7 (2129)
Map-version: 1020.9238 (Central Europe)

While encountering the problem the mobile data on my phone is working, all other app's on my phone using internet are sending and receiving data.

I solved this bij connecting through a wifi-hotspot on another phone in the car. When connecting this way the Go (traffic) service was working immediately. after 1 minute i disconnected from the wifi-hotspot en from then the service keeps running with my own mobile-data connection.

I'll hope this problem will be fixed by TomTom otherwise for me, as mentioned before by other users, it is a NoGo to continue my Go-subscription.


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    Here in Germany some users reported the same problem while using roaming mobile data and fixed it by starting TT App from within the PlayStore directly.
    The routing to the TT-server may be different.
    Give it a try next time.
    Good luck.

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    @MUP Thanks for your input, but this does solve my issue.
    Because the service was working in Germany, but after a coffee brake not anymore. So the routing to the TT service was working.
    Ans also in the Netherlands when i'm not Roaming i'm encountering the same problem.
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    Unfortunately I have the same problem currently in Tenerife. Even on WiFi. The Cloud symbol is connected, but traffic info not. And starting from PlayStore does not solve the problem nor hot spot . Please...
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    This issue is still not fixed. Sometimes works, sometimes not. It does not matter if the phone is in roaming mode or not.
    However, if live traffic would work, the app would be great, now quite dissapointing.
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    df999 wrote: »
    I think I may have worked out what's happening. I was only able to get Traffic to work with WiFi. I'd reinstalled the app, to no avail.

    I then spotted I'd blocked Google Play from using mobile data. Once Google Play was enabled to use mobile data, Tom Tom traffic has started working.

    Presumably this is due to the way the licence is checked before allowing the traffic connection.

    TomTom support didn't seem to know this.

    This worked for me, I had allowed google play to use only WiFi network.
    Unfortunately, nothing in the TomTom go app indicate that the connection issue can be linked with google play.

    Thank you df999