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problem with adress

Wy is it so terribly hard/impossible to find the right adress??? This unit is absolutly crap on the road. Every mark has to be correct. Every / # etc. Wy the heck isnt there a database worth the mony for this divice??? Try to put in an adress in spain... I hate this divice. The older models was so simple to use. I will nerver ever by a tomtom again!!! Try to update the maps over internet on a pc... Its a pain. If it works... It dont find adresses. You have to get it on goggle first. Then point it in on the map. Wts the point with tomtom then??? Android is on nearly every new car. A cable and it works... NO more tomtom for me. BYe bye


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,440

    Any chance of posting a few of the Spanish addresses you are trying to find ???

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