Rider 450 not charging on Bike mount

Dave Marsh
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So I left it on the mount for a while and it went flat ( after I had enabled Bluetooth to phone) during a period I was not using the bike.

now it will not charge off the bike mount.

I have approx 6-7 volts on the mount pins. ( volt meter may be a little bit off)

The TT charges off the USB port but does not charge on the bike mount.

if I plug the car mount into the usb and then mount the TT on the car mount it charges fine but with an I dicated voltage across the car mount pins of only 2.5 volts.

it is possible I am reading the volt meter wrong and the 6-7 is actually 12 and the 2.5 is 5 volts which would mean the bike charger voltage regulator is down( I read elsewhere it should be 5.5v across the pins).

Does the above make any sense?

Is is it possible that the TT protects itself agin a 12 volt input and I need a new bike mount which will give proper voltage at the pins


  • Dave Marsh
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    I can confirm I was reading the voltmeter incorrectly the bike mount shows 13volts across the pins and the car mount(which is charging) shows 5.5V

    New bike mount ordered.
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    My mount has also stopped charging recently (after about 6 months working). All wires are secure and I get the good voltage when checking the pins, its just when the TomTom is added it doesn’t connect? Is there a way of extending the pins out a little as i think they aren’t moving out enough to make a good connection?
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    You can lubricate the pins with a little bit of acid-free Vaseline.

    I did this just for precaution. I also use a 3D printed rain-cap.