Have you also noticed this on your TTR500???

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Coming from the TTR420 & TTR450 I have noticed some specific issues with the TTR500 that I did not have with the 4xx models. For the first issue the TTR even has been returned to TT but they found no problem. I am curious if others have experienced similar issues with their TTR500.

1) The screen randomly going in and out some kind of low backlight/dimmed (low visibility) mode
2) Sometimes the spoken instructions are completely skipped while they appear on screen.
3) It sometimes sounds like EVA (my used voice) developed a major taste in whiskey

Appreciate your feedback if you have similar issues.


  • RoadRider
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    I have seen issue 1 but only when I not arrived at the track and selected the wrong option at Drive. I selected route to start and drove to Track 200 m after start.
    After reloading the track no problems.

    Issue 3 is a known issue with iPhones. This is known as the hoarse voice problem.

    Never had issue 2.