Difference between MyDrive and TomTom Maps

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Hello there,

I've made lots of map share reporter reports in the last couple of months, a lot of these have been 'fixed'. The changes are reflected when you generate a route on the MyDrive website however I've just downloaded the latest map (UK 1035.9663) and yet the changes that have been fixed, have not been reflected in the downloaded map!

I would have thought the latest map would pretty much reflect the MyDrive website with directions/turn restrictions, but no! The reports were fixed in July, so it's not a case of a report just very recently being fixed.

What explains this discrepancy? When can I expect the fixed reports to be reflected into the actual device?


  • miketorcy
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    On MyDrive, this is the 10.40 version of november 2019.
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    But the fixes were made in July... why would the fixes not have been implemented into the most recent downloaded map version?

    The changes were mostly turn restrictions, could these not be included as part of the regular 'community' changes?

    Just a bit annoyed about being told to turn down roads I can't turn down as part of my regular commute!
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    i agree there is a huge issue
    we should see the latest (and the same) map everywhere
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    Would it not be a good idea that the maps used in MyDrive and MapShare Reporter actually have a version number on them, that reflects to which PND map they correspond to? I.E. currently MyDrive is most likely 10.40 and MapShare reporter base map is 10.45