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Hi Guys, I may have made a big mistake. I just bought a Sat nav with lifetime traffic thinking it would update the traffic as I drive. I have updated everything and connected my smart phone (Samsung) to it, no problem. I have connected it to my home wifi, no problem. But as soon as I get on the road and leave home, the traffic link goes but the blue tooth link to my phone is saying connected. I had expected maps to alter my route while travelling especially when on long journeys. Have I misunderstood what the capability is or have I set it up wrong.


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    Hi @siw1800_

    Sorry about my late reply! If I understand this correctly, you wanted the device to alter the routes automatically when there's a traffic?

    Your TomTom GO BASIC regularly receives information about the changing traffic conditions. If traffic jams, heavy rain, snow or other incidents are found on your current route, your TomTom GO will offer to replan your route to try and avoid any delays. See more information in the User manual here

    Also if this is not what you meant, please elaborate and other users can also chip in to this discussion.

    Regards, lampard

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    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Bluetooth --> Tap on your Connected Phone....
    Is the Data connection for Traffic services turned on ???
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    I have a Tomtom Go Basic, which I pair via Bluetooth with a Samsung A40 running Android 9 and usually the traffic service works pretty well. Yesterday I could not get traffic information, even though bluetooth was connected (see image attached) and30ctdrabjjgc.jpg
    the phone's mobile hotspot and tethering were on.

    Was the traffic service down or has an update caused a problem? I've read about a related iphone update problem but nothing about Andriod.
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    Hi @bobskboo

    I see that My Drive was not available. Why as you unit not logging in to your account?

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    Thanks @DougLap . My phone is always logged into MyDrive when the phone is online via mobile data or wifi so I'll try again next time I'm out, making sure the phone's mobile data is switched on. (It's possible that I inadvertently turned it off yesterday after fiddling about to turn on my phone's bluetooth hotspot and tethering).

    I'll see what happens and report back to this forum either way.

    By the way, is it essential to turn on bluetooth tethering and hotspot even if the devices are already paired?