MyDrive Connect aborts as soon as is tries to restore device

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My 3 week old Go Premium required a reset when it refused to start up. I followed all the TomTom instructions for resetting the device but when it is connected to MyDrive Connect, the program aborts as soon as it displays the 'Restoring your device' message and never gets past 0%. I have been on to TomTom support three times and their suggestions have failed to resolve the problem. I have disabled Security S/W, removed the SD card, uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of MyDrive Connect, all to no avail.

I bought this device for the Worldwide maps and I am currently in Canada and need it for the next week. TomTom support have been unable to say if the problem is connected with trying to reset a UK purchased device in Canada.

Can anyone offer any advice?


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    Could you charge the device for two hours or so and then try a soft reset.