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Riding offroad / enduro with tracks / Why not with my TomTom Rider?

4_Offroad_Is_Better4_Offroad_Is_Better Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
A track is perfectly shown by TomTom as it is on a computer map but when I load it in the Rider 550 the info is altered to a route? I want to get rid of my Garmin GPS but it is still the best GPS to follow a pure track.
Why is it so difficult to show the track on the map the way it is?

TomTom can still make a route from a track like it does right now but is it to much to ask that TomTom also shows the track in my Rider as a second layer in the map? This will stop the need for a separate Garmin GPS to go offroad.

I'm not a programmer but I think it is a very small step in making the software smarter. Just add a tick to on/off showing the original track in the map.



  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 728 [Revered Pioneer]
    You are not the only one asking for a track overlay.
    A TomTom reseller told me TomTom answered that this option is harder to implement on a TomTom Rider than we think.
    Maybe on day TomTom will surprise us with off-road support. (Hopefully they will have enough stock than to supply the high demand)

    I created a little program to display the original track points as POI on your Rider to create an track overlay. See my website below.
    But the Rider is not able to display enough POI’s on the screen for proper off-road use.
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