Mapping issue on Carminat

Christopher Robin
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Anyone from North Wales having an issue with mapping to Liverpool airport? Earlier this year my portable Via had it's update and now as a standard route navigates you to Liverpool airport across the Mersey gateway bridge. Carminat refuses to do this, no matter which route you choose, it either picks the Mersey tunnel or sends you to Warrington, you can force it by making it travel via this bridge but as a standard route...nope not a chance.
Carminat has had two if not three counting last nights map update (25/09/19) since the VIA picked up the changed route and maps it as standard, Carminat won't and I don't know why, bit annoying.
Anyone else had this from North Wales.


  • Lucify
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    One of the factors could be the map version, are both devices on the same map?
  • Christopher Robin
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    Hi Lucify thanks for response the Via is now on 1035 and Carminat has just done the latest update which if I have read it right on PC screen is also 1035 now, I don't seem to be able to access map version when the SD card is in the car only the software version so it has to go through TomTom home to get all the card details.
    When you use the point on map you can scroll across to the new bridge and it shows up, so the map can "see" it, if you decided to set a Via route it will take you there but you have to be careful as it will take you to Warrington, then across to the bridge then back to the airport WOW! on the plus side its stopped trying to get you on the old bridge finally.
    I realise both the Via and Carminat run different nav software but don't understand why one can see the gateway bridge and use it as a standard route yet the other (in car) system see's the bridge but refuses to use it.
    Mersey Gateway bridge was a big expensive project so it would have been uploaded for Nav mapping to pick it up quite rapidly as is pretty much the quickest way in now and of course the toll fee more cars over it quicker it pays for itself etc.
    Both Via and Carminat is TomTom! so its not like I am comparing TomTom to Garmin, If I remember rightly Via changed over at 1025, Carminat is still not using this bridge, coming home from Liverpool airport all the way over the bridge it tries to redirect you to Warrington its as if it still doesn't know it can use it as a route yet the Via portable does, once you pass a certain point back on land just after the bridge it redirects and picks up the new road system and all is well.
    Makes you wonder what else Carminat is "missing"