How do I also log a formal complaint regarding product reliability and water resistance?

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I have a TomTom400, bought to replace an earlier model that within 18months was outdated due to new maps. The 400 is supposed to be IP rated and yet in June this year on my return from Germany it packed up due to water/condensation in the screen. After 2 weeks in the airing cupboard, during which time I couldnt use it, it recovered so I took it to France last week. All was fine until the rain started and again it packed up, water/condensation in the screen. If TomTom cannot produce a waterproof device for motorcyclists it should not market them. I cannot afford to keep buying a new TomTom every few years. My original GO710 is still working, but then thats for car drivers who would not put up with this service. I see I am not alone in suffering this problem.