Updates for my GO 500 device

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hi can anyone advise me as i have mydrive version is this the latest version and why does it keep showing that my devise is up to date and no new mapshare or speed camera updates are not showing up is my devise really up to date or does anyone have any clues i am using a tomtom go 510 and last of all i had version before i up dated to mydrive please leave any comments be very greatful thanks


  • VikramK
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    Hi @aleeza06

    You already have the latest map version 10.35 and the updates for mapshare are random. Those get rolled out as soon as we have patches of corrections available.

    But I find the speed cameras were last updated on the 5th September.

    Try a soft reset and check for updates?

    If you still don't see a fresh download please contact customer service, they can check what is causing the problem and sort this out.

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    what version do I have?
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    Hi @johnwahington

    If you are talking about a GO500 or similar unit.

    Tap Menu ( 4 Dots)
    Scroll Right
    Tap Blue circle with ? in it
    Tap About

    You will now get lots of detail including Software version, Maps loaded and their versions together with how much free space you have on your internal and extra memory.