lost blue route line since latest software update

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My device is a GO 6200 WiFi, since I carried out the latest software update I no long have the blue route trace that shows the road/direction which you are to travel. Any idea how to get it back ?

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  • sa69xa
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    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I thought before I did a factory reset I would try the old trick I used on my Via 120 i.e. hold the button in until you get the TomTom drums and logo and hey presto, it looks like it's back now. I am off out tonight so I will try it on the road to confirm.

  • DougLap
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    Hi @sa69xa

    Thank you for coming back. Wait to hear from you again it is okay.

    I had suggested the Soft Reset as the first option and that if that failed the Factory Reset to the person who came back and said the Factory Reset sorted it. I was therefore not confident the Soft Reset would be the answer.