Rounds still not showing on the app, and it's cheesing me off!

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Look, I've started a new topic on this as there doesn't seem to be any input from tomtoms support anymore for this subject on other threads, and it's really annoying me that I still can't analyse my rounds.
So tomtom can you please help us out on this matter, another user has posted the same issue today so it's quite obvious this hasn't been rectified! I'm getting to the point where I will be asking for my money back for 2 tomtom golfer 2 watches (I've bought 1 for my daughter aswell for Christmas).

So just to make it clear one more time, I can't get my rounds to sync from my watch onto the app, they record on my watch but despite numerous updates on the watch and the app, there is just a blank screen on the app where the rounds are meant to show!!


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    My rounds were updating OK however since September 2019 rounds are not being transferred to my phone.
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    If activities - rounds of golf in your case - stop uploading there is usually a corrupt activity file stuck on the watch blocking new activity files from uploading. This can only be fixed by a reset in the Settings of the Sports Connect desktop software.

    After a reset you need to make Android forget the watch in its settings in order to pair the watch again.