TomTom Rider 550 - Pair 2 heads, but use only 1 at a time - Possible??

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Having used a mobile phone for the past 3 years with great success, when the phone I was using asa GPS finally stopped updating I purchased a TomTom550.

So far my experience has been "satisfactory' at best. The TomTom display is best described as average, but it is easier to use with gloves on. The maps are adequate, and the offline planning is OK, but lacking when comparied to other route planning sites.

All of these short comings I could accept if the TomTom Bluetooth connectivity wasn't put to shame by the cheapest mobile phone.

Here is my problem:

I have two helmets, both with Sena headsets. One is the Sena 10U and the other the Sena SMH5.

On both headsets I've completed a factory reset and the headsets are running the latest firmware from Sena

My problem is that I wish to pair both headsets with the TomTom 550 so that either helmet will connect with the TomTom when I power on the headset. I will only use one helmet at a time.

So far I've failed to do this. Both headsets will pair with the TomTom but once one is paired, the second headset cannot be paired.

I have tried pairing one headset successfully - turning off the paired headset and then trying to pair the second. This results in the TomTom seeing the 2nd headset, but even when selected, the TomTom cannot complete the pairing.

To get the 2nd headset to pair, I must first delete the paired headset, power the TomTom off and back on, and then pair the other headset.

Meanwhile, my phone holds pairing information for 4 cars, both Sena headsets and my music headphones. All of which connect automatically as soon as they are in range.

Can the expensive TomTom 550 really only hold pairing information for one headset at a time?

There are also issues with the SMH5and the TomTom claimed functionality - The TomTom will not pair with a Sena headset and my Samsung phone at the same time. As soon as the TomTom is connected, connection tothe Samsung phone is blocked. Neither is A2DP supported between the TomTom and the SMH5, whereas the Samsung has no problem with A2DP and the SMH5.

I could go on listing more difficulties and limitations. The functionality of such a high-cost GPS does appear to be very limited, or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

Any help would be most welcome.

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    Hi @Himslef

    Welcome to the community!

    The RIDER 500/550 series will not support pairing with two Bluetooth headsets at the same time. The hardware on the device allows to connect two Bluetooth devices but that would be a phone and a headset(hands free calling).

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    I'm not trying to connect two headsets at the same time. I have two helmets, each has a headset. I would like to pair both headsets with the TomTom but will only use ONE headset at a time.

    In the same way as your phone might be paired with two different cars. It only connects to ONE car at a time.

    This is what I'm trying to do with the TomTom. I wish to pair 2 headsets ready for use, but will only ever have one headset connected.

    This way, it does not matter which helmet I am using, it will connect to the TomTom
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    Any chance of an answer? - I suspect the answer is No the Rider 550 can't do this
  • Himslef
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    Thanks for confirming Fergussion - I thought that was the case. Strangely the Rider 550 will allow me to try, displays the 2nd headset as a found device, and then just complains "unable to connect".

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    I read this series of posts with interest as I am trying to ascertain whether it is possible to pair both a rider and a pillion BT headset with a (as yet not purchased) TomTom Rider 550. It would appear from these posts that it isn't. However, I have been reliably informed by a headset supplier that with multi-channel BT headsets that it is indeed possible for both rider and pillion to communicate with each other AND for both to hear the instructions from the TomTom.
    Is this not correct? Given that the posts are dated in 2019, has anything changed with the 550 to make this a possibility in 2021?
  • RoadRider
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    Some headsets can indeed share the navigation instructions over the intercom. So both you and the pillion can hear the instructions. In this case the Rider is only connected to your headset.
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    Thank you for your response RoadRider. Do you know of any specific brands/ type that you are aware of that perform this function? Do you know if the solution is based on the version of BT - 3.0/ 4.1 that the headset uses or is it more complex than that?
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    I have Sena bluetooth headsets (10R and 10U) and they are able to synchronise with both the 550 and the main riders headset and the pillion at the same time. It is possible to connect up to four Sena intercoms in a ‘group’. Note only the main rider can hear the GPS instructions and not the pillion or group.

    Within the Sena App settings, you can set the priority and sound levels so when GPS route instructions are transmitted from the 550, you can continue to talk simultaneously on the intercom without interruption. This feature was added about a year ago during a firmware update of the Sena headsets and has worked well for me.

    I have not been able to have more than one helmet paired (stored) with the 550, when I swap helmets I have to re-pair with the 550.

    Newer Sena headsets have better functionality, so it might be worth checking them out, but the 10R is a robust units and one I like because of the small size and battery life.

    I hope the above is useful.
  • Jojaco
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    Rider connects to Phone AND to NCOM B1. I can hear TomTom instructions, but the Rider refuses handsfree call option. If I only connect te Phone to the NCOM B1 I can take a call and I can make a call handsfree. The older Rider I used could make handsfree calls, connected to 2 NCOM B1 systems at the same time and the 2 NCOM B1 units could connect together for talking. The new rider 500 seems to be less versatile and even unusefull
  • Jojaco
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    I have used the first Rider in combination with Samsung and Sony Mobile Phones, connected to NCOM B1 helmet devices, for both the main riders headset as the pillion. Only the main rider could take and make calls on the older TomTomRider device, but BOTH the mail Rider and pillion could participate in the calls. Both helmet systems could hear the instructions. The New Rider 500 however i can only connect the NCOM B1 for instructions, I can't take calls. I can see messages like Whatsapp on the Rider500 so it's connect to the phone. I can connect the Phone to the NCOM B1 and make and take calls, but when I connect to the rider 500 all handsfree options are lost. So for me it seems the new Rider 500 is far less practical and does not meet the claimed possible options. Why should a new system support far less than a older system, in more than only bluetooth? I can not even change the pointer symbol , older systems supported that option.