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Unable to recover 6250

I cant seem to get my device to enter the recovery mode. The instruction video tells you to press the power button three time once in the BIOS screen? after pressing the button twice the device powers off?
I have tried connecting the device to the computer anyway, seems to install update but when the device reboots it just tells me to connect to a computer.
Can any help?


  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    when you press the buttons 3 times they have to be very quick presses before it will enter into recovery mode
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,333
    The 3 button presses should all be done within a second or so.
  • SteviediveSteviedive Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    I've tried doing it as fast as I can but it just goes to the screen telling me to connect to a computer or turns itself off. Everything looks to install ok then the device loads once ok but on the second load the indicator line along the bottom only goes half way along the screen. Then it tells me to connect to a computer.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    it can be a bit of a tricky process as the usb cable needs connecting fairly quickly after the 3 presses and make sure you have my drive connect on your pc screen...If it doesn't work after that i suggest you contact customer services
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