Import GPX on Start 62 (via Mac TomTom Mydrive Connect) - NOT possible?

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HI, I try to import a GPX file via Mydrive Connect.
On the web it states
- go to My Drive Connect
- Select MY ROUTES and import GPX.

I can NOT find any My Routes (mijn routes in dutch) in Mydrive
At the top I have the options My System, My ..., my Account (in dutch, Mijn Systeem, Mijn Inhoud, Mijn Account) but no My Routes (Mijn routes).

I use MyDrive Connect on a Mac, updated it to the latest version but still I can not find any possibility to load a GPX route (or any other route I can find on the web).

Please help.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @B_L

    Does it say My Drive Connect or just My Drive.

    The latter is the My Drive webpage as below where you can import Poi and Route files to your account and then sync them to your Device.