Tomtom Go 600 device is not responding

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Hi all,
I haven't updated my navigator for a while (since 2015) and I finally decided to update it. But I faced an issue: MyDriveConnect detects my GO 600, I launch update procedure (mandatory Navcore 4 update), MyDriveConnect downloads updates, but device does not respond:

2019-09-15 15:17:46.994|33554557|Error|SupporterManager::onInstallFailedToStart|Unreponsive: Device failed to start the installation
2019-09-15 15:18:41.899|33554532|Error|SupporterManager::onStatus|PND reports installation failed: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><jobprogress xmlns="; deviceid="************" progress="10000" devicestatuschanged="1568549918812" state="error" eta="0"/>

So far I have tried uninstalling MDC, rebooting PC and installing again. MyDrive Connect Version
I have also formatted 16 GB microSD card (FAT32, full format) and put it into device, but it doesn't help either.
I tried disabling/enabling Windows Firewall, but it's not an issue since I can see recently downloaded updates on my PC:
I tried to manually update drivers in Device manager, but Windows says drivers are up to date and device is recognized in device list and MyDriveConnect:

Here is some more troubleshooting info:

I assume that device has only 335 MB of free memory, but Navcore update requires at least 339 MB. But I don't want to delete any data from the device unless I'm absolutely sure that it will help solving this issue.

Do you have any ideas? Thanks!


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    The latest NAV4 Full Europe Map size is now 8.465GB... This is an unfortunate, but real Catch22 situation... Some maps now exceed the NAV4 devices built-in Memory... Also see Note (1)

    Insert a 16GB or 32GB Memory card... The Memory Card can only contain Maps or be used to transfer Planned .ITN or .GPX Routes
    The Map cannot be split across the on-board Memory and a Micro SDHC Card... For the new larger Maps maps you need to install a Branded Class 10 Micro SDHC memory card
    The latest Full Europe Map is 8.465GB so a 8GB Memory Card is useless, a 16GB or 32GB is required (32GB is the Max size Class 10 Micro SDHC Card for a Tomtom device)

    Catch22 situation No Maps Found Error....
    Tomtom are allocating a small map to install on the on-board Memory of the NAV4 devices, to give access to the Micro SDHC Card Format Option
    The advantage of the small Map would be plenty of working space on the device (400 MB is considered the minimum Free Space the more Free Space the faster the device will operate)...
    The smaller map will also act as a 'Keeper' This will enable the device to keep running on the smaller Map and avoid the Catch22 situation No Maps Found Error, where the device won't boot-up past the No Maps Found Error to allow access to the 'Format option' to allow the use of a 16GB or 32GB Micro SDHC memory card
    Also if you ever need to remove the Micro SDHC Card for any reason... Like transferring pre-planned routes via a Micro SDHC Card or Formatting a new/replacement Micro SDHC Card, the Keeper Map will allow the device to keep running

    Note (1)
    If you wish to just stick with using the internal memory Instead of using a Micro USB Card
    Tomtom have released the Europe map in different Map Cuts (Map zones)... Will any of these new Maps suit your travel requirements ???
    More information Here...

    If Required maybe @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators will allocate a smaller Map Say the UK&ROI Map to the account of your NAV4 GO 600

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    Hi @YamFazMan
    Thanks for such comprehensive answer.

    The idea of installing 16GB class 10 microSDHC card sounds good to me. But I'm wondering if there is any reliable tutorial explaining how to install 'Keeper' on the device?
    Thanks again!
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    Your GO 600 doesn't have world Maps available so maybe @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators will allocate a smaller Map to your NAV4 GO 600 the account

    Read & Adapt the excellent post post from user LAURE123
    It's not easy moving Maps around but reading the post you will see the method.... Obviously the Venezuela (From World Maps) is not available for you... Use the one allocated by VikramK or lampard....

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    Thanks for your quick response @YamFazMan
    Unfortunately, things are getting worse. I installed 16GB class 10 card (FAT32 formatted), device asked whether I want to use it for routes or maps, I selected maps. Device asked if I want to format it, of course I agreed.

    Here strange things started to happen. Device stuck while formatting microSD card, it rebooted and following pictogram (red cross and wire) appeared on the display. I attached device to the PC, MyDriveConnect restore window appeared, when it reached 100% device reboots and TomTom logo appears on the screen, MDC tries to connect to the device but it doesn't respond.

    And this loop continues over and over and over again: red cross → restoring device → boot logo → connecting device → red cross → ...

    Actually, never mind. Device is working alright, but now it doesn't recognize SD card. I'll try to perform a full format on my PC, it will take a while.
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    I have the same problem with my tomtom Go 600! And it is worst now... the factory reset doesn't start the process!!! What can I do?904r58kgcdmt.jpg