Israel is not listed as a country in the billing page options - cant not buy map

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hi all,

i have the via 620/start 60. trying to buy the Europe map. but as Israel in not listed as one of the countries in your billing scroll-down menu - can not proceed.

ad tried the Ireland web-shop - does not work. also please do not tell me to use a fake address from Ireland, as it will not match the credit card info and will not be approved. and i have spent some time with the on-line chat support on Thursday on this issue - not working.

this in one of the worst-ever experience i have ever encountered on-line. i can see i am not the only one having this problem world-wide. why is it something so complicated that every remote and obscure on-line shop can do - but you can not???

i would like to receive a REAL solution, a simple one - and not some work-around that require me to start opening new accounts. this can not be an acceptable official answer.

thanks in advance.


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    For a fake address-
    REAL solution is still ordering it on ireland or creating a fake account to order the service. Never had problems related to the address on the credit card, strange.
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    might try that - but still waiting for an official answer. this is a work-around that Tomtom is forcing me to do - for no apparent reason.
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    sorry - but this is one of the more absurds answers i have read in a long time...
    you can basically buy almost any type of SW on-line, from anywhere in the globe. just not for TomTom.
    sending me to the Ireland web-shop, after it is clear - from other clients as well - that this does not works - well, thats not an acceptable answer.
    my money was good enough to sell me the unit - without disclosing in advance that i will have a limited use and access to maps. if thats "business as usual" here - well...