TT doesn't see the difference between the main road and the side roads?

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Just had a 5 day blast through the UK with my new 550. Went from Dover to Dartmoor, riding through Exmoor and the New Forest. Nothing but curvy/winding roads. Fabulous!
But I was surprised to find out that TT didn't know the difference between the main roads and the side roads. At really lots of crossroads the device told me to keep left, or right, while all I really had to do was to just follow the main road, because the side road had a stop sign.
Even worse, at the New Forest, where lots of side roads are gravel roads, it acted the same, just as if the side roads were real roads.
I don't suppose this behaviour can be changed with some setting, but is there a way we can inform TomTom of this strange behaviour. Because if they could correct this, the device wouldn't have to give so much directions!

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