While following a route switching from 3D to 2D zooms out completely - can this be disabled ?

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I've just had a fabulous 5 day blast through England, following nothing but curvy roads. TomTom really is SUPERB at this. In combi with my Sena headset I really could ride very fluently, never hesitating for a second. One thing that bugged me though was this: when switching from 3D to 2D the device zooms out completely, and then you've got to zoom in manually to see the streets around you. Really stupid. I expected that it would just show me the surroundings in 2D, not the whole route.
I've searched this forum and find this topic: https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1116645/switch-to-2d-mode-when-zooming-out-in-3d-mode
So I'm afraid it can't be changed?


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    I always Drive/Ride 2D (In direction of travel)... (I hate the 3D view)
    In the setting menus, you can select your Driving/Riding view to 3D (Default) OR 2D (In direction of travel)
    By tapping on the Direction of Travel Icon you don't toggle between 3D & 2D, you toggle between what ever you have set in the setting menus and the 2D North-up overview planning Map

    Is your Automatic zoom.... Set to Zoom in to next turn ???
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Appearance --> Automatic zoom.... Is it set to 'Zoom in to next turn'

    I find that zoom 'Based on road type'... is a better option when I'm on the Bike

    Also try....
    Tap on the direction of Travel Icon, above the + and - Signs
    To toggle between the North-up Overview Planning Map and the Driving Map view chosen in the Setting menus, i.e... 2D (In direction of travel) or 3D

    The direction of Travel Icon is thinner, more pointed in the 2D in direction of travel or 3D Driving view


    Note... the Images are from a Tomtom Car SatNav

    Edit... Just an afterthought... I was wondering if when you were tapping the
    the ' + ' sign whether you may have tapped the direction of Travel Icon by mistake and the Map switching to the North-up overview map (With a zoom level view like the view from International Space Station)

    Also see... More info on Automatic Map Switching