TomTom Start 25 shutting off & on

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I have a Tom Tom 25. Why does it shut off/close down after I have been driving for some time although, it is connected to the car through its leads and jacking plug point, which are the original ones when purchased. When I turn it back on it states battery charging and shuts off again after a few minutes. I do not use it regularly. Does it need to be connected to a mains outlet in order to charge and bost the battery up and is there not sufficient power from the car to keep it maintained? I'd appreciate and help, advice and assistance in this matter.


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    Hi @Chela5

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    It sounds like a battery issue. It does not have to be connected to a mains outlet as it should charge when connected to a charger in the car.

    But I am not sure if it's supplying enough power for the device to stay on and charge the battery.

    Can you try charging it through mains for 2 hours or so and then keep an eye on how long it stays on?