Problems installing and opening MyDrive Connect

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Hi, every time I try to open this it says i need an update, I go through all the update instructions, it says I've installed it successfully, but then I try opening it and the whole cycle starts again. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Janet_Wood56
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    Thanks so much - have done exactly that and the update is downloading as I write.
  • cloudysky
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    I have a Via 53 sat nav and am trying to update it using a USB plugged into my Apple MacBook (macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6). I installed TomTom MyDrive Connect with no problem, then attached and turned on the sat nav with the USB. I log into my account and a window appears telling me:

    Get the latest updates directly on your device. No computer needed!
    Your device has built-in Wi-Fi which makes it extremely easy to download the latest software and maps."

    I then cannot get rid of this window and cannot go any further with updating my maps.

    I tried going in to Settings/Connections and selecting 'Use System Settings' and it asks me for my Username and Password. I know I am probably being stupid but I don't know which Username and Password it means!!

    I have wasted days/weeks trying to fathom this program out and I have given up. When connecting directly to the Internet using my Wi-Fi, the sat nav keeps cutting out and takes forever to update the maps.

    I am getting to the point of wanting to take a hammer to the sat nav.

    Sorry this post is so long.

    PS: I have been using TomTom MyDrive Connect for years using Windows and never had any problems.
  • Lochfrass
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    On the WIFI devices all actions must done on the Display of the Satnav
    MyDrive Connect only makes the Internet connection via the USB cable instead of the WIFI connection.

    So when there is an Update for your device available, it was shown at Menü/Settings/Updates and new items

    See also the description of YamFazMan:
  • DougLap
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    Hi @cloudysky

    When you attach your TT unit to the PC unit and the screen appears re doing your updates by WiFi then ignore the PC and use the menu on the TT unit exactly as you do when it is directly connected to the WiFi.

    The TT is only using the PC and My Drive connect as an internet source and you have no means of managing what you want to do on the PC. Once you have the unit updating you could, although I am not suggested you should, open a Browser on your PC and use as normal whilst the downloads are working in the background.

  • cloudysky
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    Hi Lochfrass and Doug

    Thank you so much for the very clear explanation and instructions - it all sounds so simple when it is explained by people who know what they are talking about. I only wish the TomTom help pages were as easy to navigate.

    I think I was trying to complicate the situation too much.

    Thank you both once again.

  • chris24pc
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    I find it quite amazing that TomTom can design such a stupid system. Every gadget that I am aware of can be connected to a Mac/pc via usb and used to change settings, upgrade software etc etc.
    I had exactly the same problem as Cloudysky and spent ages trying to get rid of the damn 'Update the Easy Way' window that pops up. Why on earth is there not some simple instruction to tell you that if there is no update you can't do anything ???????
    Really annoying