why can my TomTom hardly ever connect or find a GPS signal since 8th April?

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is there a fix? downloaded the app on my laptop says device age limits and memory no longer possible to update? does that mean it's fit for the bin!!!! ????? have a Tom Tom 1 has the same problem and a work mate same problem.

does the company do this so we have to buy new sat navs on purpose? ggggrrrr not happy!


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    Recommend you update your TomTom's firmware as soon as possible to correct this.

    See the warning on the TomTom web pages for your country; GPS units without the updated firmware will have issues after the 6th April 2019 due to the GPS week rollover that occurs then. There was no actual change to the GPS satellite signals used by your GPS unit; it is actually an issue in the old firmware of your GPS.

    GPS week rollover issue is similar to the famous Y2K issues that would have affected all OLD non-y2k compliant computer applications/systems on 12:00 am 1 January 2000. The affected systems only stored the year as 00 thru 99 assuming the century part was 19 to save costs and could not handle the year 2000.
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    Just to keep it simple, please check the status of your device here: https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/updates/

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    I have a similar problem with Go530.
    Since update it will not find gps without being reset every time in an open space. Worked fine before April. Any suggestions?
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    Hi @lmgs9655

    If a Soft Reset does not cure it then try a Factory Reset in Settings. I think on your model you have a Factory Reset option that does not affect your data.

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    A Drum-roll Soft Start can help.... Hold the ON/OFF Power button in until you hear a Drum-roll sound... Then release the button.... This will reinitialize the devices Operating System, like restarting your PC

    Fully charge the Battery (At least 2 Hours)
    A low battery can cause GPS Satellite fix problems
    First Plan a route on the device... Now place the device outside with a clear view to the sky
    (I used a a 5200 mAh battery power-pack... while waiting for a Satellite lock)
    It can take anything up to 30 Minutes to get the first Satellite Lock
    After the Initial 'First Lock' the device should lock quickly onto the Satellites

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    what you need is the unofficial GPS upgrade Sirf3 GWS3.2.5 or GWS3.6.0
    So I've flashed several sat navs successfully. It can be found on a German forum.

    GPS chip SIRF-III upgrade from version: GSW3.1.1 or GSW3.2.4TT3 to version: GSW3.2.5TT3 or GSW3.6.0
    for TT GO 510, GO 520, GO 630, GO 710, GO 720, GO 730, GO 715, GO 920, GO 930, ONE, ONE (v2), ONE 3Rd (v3), GO 7000 Truck, Rider 1 + 2
    The "Standby Problem" is now fixed (renewed Sat-Fix after standby within a few seconds).
    the device list for which the firmware upgrade is suitable:
    TomTom ONE 1st Edition with SD 2GB Serial Number: G1; G2
    TomTom ONE 2nd Edition with SD 2GB Serial Number: E1; E2
    TomTom ONE 3nd Edition with internal memory 512MB and 1GB serial number: Y1; Y3
    TomTom RIDER 1 + 2 with SD 2GB serial number: K1; K2
    TomTom GO 510 or TomTom GO 710, GO910 HDD 20GB Serial Number: V5; V7
    TomTom GO 715 serial number: M7
    TomTom GO 520 with 512MB-1Gb memory Serial number: M2; M4
    TomTom GO 530 with 1-2 GB memory Serial Number: J1; J2
    TomTom GO 630 with 2GB memory Serial Number: JB;
    TomTom GO 720 with 512MB-2GB memory Serial Number: M6; M9
    TomTom GO 730 with 1-2-4GB memory Serial Number: J3; J4; J5;
    TomTom GO 920 (T) with 4GB memory Serial number: M8;
    TomTom GO 930 with 4GB memory Serial number: J6