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Hi all i have a rider 400 motorbike nav and need some help ,i connect the nav to the my drive and updates are waiting to download but the unit says not enough internal space so off i go to comet a buy a nice new shiny memory card format it and try the downloads again but wont download to memory card can anyone tell me what im doing wrong


  • DougLap
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    Hi @philcov

    What size micro SD Class 10 card did you add to the unit. The maximum that will work is 32gb and I would suggest the smallest you try is 16gb.

    Depending on the map you are trying to update/load 8gb may not be big enough.

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    (1)... The Rider 400 has 16GB on-board Memory... Unless you have lots of Maps installed you should have free space
    (2)... The Rider 40 Has 8GB on-board Memory.... See Catch22 below

    The NAV4 Full Europe Map size is now 8.465GB... Also the fact that the MapZones have now also exceed the 8GB of the NAV4 on-board Memory... This is an unfortunate, but real Catch22 situation....
    The Map cannot be split across the on-board Memory and a Micro SDHC Card... For the new larger Maps maps you need to install a Branded Class 10 Micro SDHC memory card
    The latest Full Europe Map is 8.465GB so a 8GB Memory Card is useless, a 16GB or 32GB is required (32GB is the Max size Class 10 Micro SDHC Card for a Tomtom device)

    Catch22 situation No Maps Found Error....
    Tomtom are allocating a small map to install on the on-board Memory of the NAV4 devices, to give access to the Micro SDHC Card Format Option
    The advantage of the small Map would be plenty of working space on the device and the smaller map will also act as a 'Keeper'... This will enable the device to keep running on the smaller Map and avoid the Catch22 situation No Maps Found Error, where the device won't boot-up past the No Maps Found Error to allow access to the 'Format option' to allow the use of a 16GB or 32GB Micro SDHC memory card
    Also if you ever need to remove the Micro SDHC Card for any reason... Like transferring pre-planned routes via a Micro SDHC Card or Formatting a new/replacement Micro SDHC Card, the Keeper Map will allow the device to keep running
    Maybe @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators will allocate a smaller Map to the account....

    If you wish to just stick with using the internal memory Instead of using a Micro USB Card
    Tomtom have released the Europe map in different Map Cuts (Map zones)... Will any of these new Maps suit your travel requirements ???
    More information Here...