My POI list looks sadly short on Start 52

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Just been playing with my Start 52,

Drive To - Point of Interest - Near me - (hide keyboard) - down-arrow through the list and it only goes as far as Tennis court! My partner with her Start 25 in an identical situation has 8 more categories up to and including Zoo.

Another point is that when she explores zoo she gets a list that extends to zoos nearly 200 miles away, whereas I with my Start 52 only get a list that goes no further than 50 miles. Maybe this is just the 2 different ways of interpreting "Near" to me.

But without the category of Zoo, I cannot easily see Banham Zoon that is just 38 miles away from me.

Any thoughts?


  • fergussion
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    do you have the latest map installed?
    You can also add your own poi's and find them easily when you search next time.
  • AlanR47
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    Yes I have latest UK & ROI map installed, latest speed cameras, but I have EU maps which I do not update nor have active.

    I don't know how long this anomaly has existed as I have not explored the extent of built-in POIs before, only bought device in May this year.