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Mapshare updates (for the UK map) have been working for me until an update in December 2018 on my GO5200.

While the other updates were always getting offered on a fairly regular basis (cameras inclusive), mapshare updates were totally unavailable for many months.

Eventually around April and after a firmware update, I got a mapshare update for the very first time, but then stopped and only once in a while would I see an update.

Keeping in mind that mapshare updates (UK) were being offered several times a week, I find it very odd that it's been so sporadic and worse, support seems to believe this is normal!

As my last mapshare update was on 04/07/2019 and nothing since then (and yes, I have the latest map installed as of 27/08/2019) can you please let me know once and for all if mapshare is now an obsolete service or almost discontinued, because it just doesn't make sense otherwise.

Many thanks for your clarification on this.

- Morris


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Crosender

    Welcome to the community!

    Some maps do get MapShare updates offered directly, others not and it can take some time before they do.

    It's not an obsolete service, we will continue rolling out these updates when they are available for the installed map.

    I would also suggest that you try installing a different map cut and check how frequent the updates are offered(mapshare)

    I have asked our 2nd Line team to run some background script that will repair the MapShare on the device if it's corrupted.

    Just connect the device to a WiFi internet connection and the jobs will get processed automatically.


  • Crosender
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    Thanks for that Vikram.

    My UK map (as I said), always got mapshare updates more than once a week, so after more than 6 months from the first time I noticed the slow down, I thought it was very unusual to have updates less than once a month, with the last one being literally 3 months ago!

    As the updates were more than once a week, this is why I thought either the updates are not working (for me), or mapshare updates are getting phased out.

    My question then (aside if there is a problem with my account) is to know why (if everything is working as normal) have these updates been so infrequent?

    Thanks again...
  • VikramK
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    Hi Morris :)

    There is no specific reason as to why the updates have been infrequent.

    The TomTom you have is on MapShare trust level 0, it means the device will receive TomTom endorsed patches(correction verified by TomTom).

    When updates are available you will see them under downloads.

    Did you already try to connect the device to a WiFi internet connection and allow the script to run. It should do the recovery for any corrupted files.

  • Crosender
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    Hi Vikram...

    From my point of view, mapshare is something that needs to be updated regularly because throughout the country (any country), roads change, even if for temporary closures, but there are many other reasons to use such a service as mapshare.

    This is probably why mapshare was introduced and used to be so frequent - or at least, that's the only conclusion that makes sense.

    Somewhere around last December, the mapshare updates have been literally non-existent up until late March or April or whatever the new firmware/map update was released after the December one.

    Do you not see anything wrong with this (in)frequency?

    Or put another way, the mapshare updates went from weekly to quarterly. Again, is that supposed to be the norm for something that's meant to be a "feature"?

    The only conclusion is that either there is a problem or a change in how these updates are given, but either way, nobody is able to confirm that, which I find very unusual (for nobody to know) and the source of my frustration - or rather, the lack of transparency, which would've been easily diffused by letting us know what is really going on.

    Having said all that, mapshare is not at all critical for me and probably many others, in our day-to-day commuting or further travels, however, it still remains a feature that doesn't seem to be supported (through regular updates), and that's the only thing I wanted to have some clarity on.

    Other than that, every aspect of my GO 5200 has been working flawlessly... or so it seemed until today.

    To answer your question then, this morning I turned on the unit to see if an update had come through - it did... finally - but not the mapshare!

    Keep in mind that I get regular updates of the cameras (Tuesdays and Thursdays as a rule), but last week the updated came on a Friday and nothing until today (Friday).

    It's not a problem or complaint - perhaps there was nothing to update and that sometimes happens, however, what had never happened is that I got the camera update that just won't update!

    It simply says "Oops - something went wrong. Please try again" - which I have, and a few more times in different ways.

    I always do updates through the home WiFi without incident. Sometimes I do the map updates by cable as it's by far quicker, but the small updates... it's always by Wifi.

    Well, today was no different: I finally get offered the cameras update and as usual (by WiFi), the error persists.

    I even tried rebooting (hold button to get drum roll) and even used the cable, but the error continues. In the past though, I did get errors, however, it wouldn't re-offer the update - I even sent a support request as to why is this happening (a few random times now)., but they always reassured me that I got the latest update.

    Not sure why I got the error, implying the updated didn't go through - but OK, it's no big deal really nor a complaint, just an observation.

    This time it's different in that it just doesn't go away - perhaps at the next update it will install and that will be that, but in the meantime, I continually get the message that there is an update waiting - which, again, it's not a problem, unless by next week it doesn't go away - however, this may be an indication of something else that's not working within my account or the unit - just a guess...

    Anyway, please research better this problem with mapshare updates (there's got to be a reason other than "I don't know" or "that's the way it is") and also this new camera update problem that's never happened before.

    Thanks again for all your valuable help and patience - really appreciate your commitment to supporting us users! :)