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I have just updated to the Go Camper as I have a car and caravan. The car obviously has two axles and the caravan just one. However on trying to set up the caravan options for weight it shows only two axles - in total I have 3 !
Do I have to put the total of the 2 axle weights for the car (gross vehicle weight) as Axle 1 and then the axle weight for the caravan as Axle 2 (MTPLM) ?
Sounds fairly obvious but sometimes things are never that simple :/

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    Thanks to both of you, Fergussion and Doug. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you; very bad manners but a family issue kept me away :/ On trying to get the info into the Camper I have read the screen again and it is down to user error ! The two boxes are for entering the Gross and Axle weights, so I have entered the train weight for the entire outfit (car gross+MTPLM for caravan) and then just entered the heaviest axle of the three which as it happens is the single axle on the caravan. I will be giving it its maiden outing this Friday from Hertfordshire down to the south of Kent so lets just hope but once again many thanks for your help.