Route planning with a non-UK product

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I bought a Western Europe update for my Carminat TomTom, but found out after installing it that it does not cover the UK. I now plan to drive to Spain, but cannot load Spanish destinations into my satnav.
Will this start to work when I arrive in Spain, or do I need to download a new update?


  • VikramK
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    Hi Bruce45

    Welcome to the community!

    Since you mention that you have Western Europe map installed, to plan a route its important that you select the country flag.

    Before you enter the name of the town you need to
    1. click on the flag( top right)
    2. select the country of your destination
    3. enter the town name

    Vikram :)
  • Bruce45
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    Vikram, I have dine this, but when I enter the town name is says: "Cannot find location" or similar comment. It does not search for the town. I have tried Madrid, so it is not a small town. Do you have any other ideas?