START 25 bricked

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I tried to make a full update of ma grand's ma TOM TOM Start 25. I think now it is bricked.

Some start make it full reboot,
Some start finally goes to a black shutdown screen.
Most of the time (50%) I get a gray screen with 3 gear rolling for ever. (funny it look like a planetary gear reducer. Any way)

I tried to go to the recovery mode. But I can't have any black screen display with white text on it. Even when I tried to fresh boot and maintain power button for a will after drum's sound pop's. I also tried multiples combination of power one and release at "perfect timing". Fail.

When I connect this device, with the small gear rolling, to a non-hub USB port of my computer get nothing appear in device manager (and USBLyser can't see any new device connected). Tried multiples, ports, multiples cables, multiples computer. Nothing

I'm not questioning the powerful of MyDrive Connect software, but if it don't have peripheral address to discuss with, i pretty sure it can't get my device back.

If any one have useful hint or precess I don't know yet to tried I'm interested.

Thank for those who have read this. And thank in advance for any people who gonna reply :-)

EDIT 1 :


When writing this post (about 10mn) I let my device roll and roll and roll again. And guess what ? It finally show me the "connection to computed in recovery mode" display. And after tried multiples cables it seems to be connected. more information to come