How to re-calibrate the touch screen for a TomTom Start 25?

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The touch screen on my Start 25 is ALL out of whack! Some of the spots I touch activate a spot about an inch away, some spots don't even respond. I've read a number of posts that indicate the calibration is off. I've gone into the settings to see what the current settings are and they look to be quite off:
8248 35 -1044784 -47 4876 -1008684 65536
All the examples I've read are 3-4 digits, and no negative values. I understand the concept to incrementally change the settings, but no matter how I plug it into my computer and/or turn it on, it never shows up as a device on my Explorer options to I can't get to the file to modify it. Please let me know how to get into the settings to update the calibration numbers.


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    Have the same problem and cannot see the device in explorer
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    @Crazy4golf @Crazy4golf

    The NAV3 Devices update using MyDrive Connect (Your Start 25 & Start 20 are NAV3 Devices) + the later/latest NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) have no access to the Operating system

    Only the early NAV2 Devices allow this screen adjustment/correction