I can't get the TomTom GO 500 to update

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I can`t get the TomTom Go500 to update, it just updating and updating and restart, but there is nothing happening. it has been updating for 9 days now, and 3 days ago it was done, but when i check it was not the latest version installed it was the one i had before updating.
I was talking to the support via chat, and they told me that the update is going to take 72 hours because it was 130 update needed. i has the version called 18.202.0024.311 installed now. I don`t understand this, and when i then try to talk to the support they told me that my internet conection is to slow. i have a 500/500mb per second and that is preaty fast. then they told my that they could give me 20% discount on a new GPS. But i just need to get this to install the latest update. I tryed to reset the unit and i tried to load the software and reset the unit to zero. but nothing is doing it better. im using a mac to do the update.
Somone have any ide what can be the problem


  • Lochfrass
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    Some devices have problems to make a Firmwareupdate when a Memorycard is inserted.
    Have you a Memorycard in your device?
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    there is now memorycard installed
    What is strange is that they tell my from support that the unit need to restart 130 times to complet the update.
    and when the unit finaly was done with the update, it was no update installed it was the same as before. and now it`s started again to update
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    I have same device but different problem. Whenever I connect to make an update it just gets endlessly stuck on the your device is being added. I'm stuck on a 2014 map :(
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    Hi @Renaultmike

    Could you send me the serial number of the device through a PM, please?