Exchanging Rider 410 to Rider 550

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I have a Rider 410 and would like to exchange it for the Rider 550. Is it possible to resume? if so how can i do it.


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    I don’t fully understand your question.

    The Rider 550 has almost all the functionality the Rider 410 has. When you buy a Rider 550 and enter your MyDrive Credentials during setup all your Routes and Places managed by MyDrive will be available on the 550.
    After this you can use is like you used to on the 410. It is even possible to use the old 410 mount.

    Some of the Changes;
    • The Rider 550 has WiFi for Updates and loading MyDrive data.
    • Bluetooth Connections are changed both to Phone and Headset.
    • The option to share Routes with Bluetooth is removed.
    • The Rider 550 is much faster.