Headset volume too loud

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Configuration: Sena 20S, Rider 410, iPhone 6s. Connected threeway OK as instructed, online traffic works, phone plays music (normal volume) yet GPS instructions to the helmet very loud (even when 410 volume is set to only 5%) (moreover phonecalls are seen on the 410 but do not enter the helmet when accepted; but that is a different problem which is anoying).


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    Of course I tried to reduce the volume while TomTom instructions are being spoken; that works. However the next gps instruction is just as loud as before again.
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    Strange this the Sena shuld remember this.

    From Sena 20 S Manual;
    4.5 Volume Adjustment
    You can easily adjust the volume by rotating the Jog Dial. You will
    hear a beep when the volume reaches maximum or minimum level.
    The volume is set and maintained independently at different levels
    for each audio source even when you turn off and on the headset.
    For example, once you set the volume for mobile phone handsfree,
    it will not change even if you adjust the volume for your Bluetooth
    MP3 music. So you can always maintain the preferred optimum volume
    level for each audio source.

    Is the 410 volume still set to only 5% after the Sena is connected? When it is higher after the Sena is connected jou can also change te volume on the Rider. (Some Headsets support this option)

    From Riders Manual
    Important: When using a headset, the volume control may not be available because your headset
    doesn't support remote volume control. If this is the case, use the volume control button on the
    headset itself to change the volume.