MyDrive route created on android phone

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Good afternoon
Finally got to use my Rider 550 on Saturday. Friday night I planned a route I wanted to take on MyDrive App on my Samsung phone. Transferred to the Rider no problem. Saturday started up the Rider went to my routes selected my route. What I wasnt prepared for was the ride to nearest point or starting point message. How to I get past this as I want it to recognise I was already at the start. As it tried sending me round in circles!
And advice much appreciated


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    When you are already past the starting point choose nearest point this will pickup the track directly when you enter it.

    Do not place the Finish to close to the start. When you drive over the Finish the track will also be Finished even when you didn't start it.

    Feature request. Add an option "Let me drive to the Track" and add more space between the options for better selection with gloves.