Rider 550 sharing possibilities ?

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My previous rider 410 could pair with my mates 410 via bluetooth and we were always able to share routes instantly device to device, on-the-fly. this was a great idea.
My new 550 says in the 'share' page that you can share routes via bluetooth, yet it doesn't work.
There is no way to connect two, (or more), 550's via bluetooth, it will only allow you to connect to a phone or headset? There seems to be no way to pair two units together.
Has this function been abandoned with the availability to share via myroute app/email? or is it a firmware/system fault? Has someone forgotten to enable it?
Still an amazing tool, but hey, if your going to say it can be done, lets do it.
Else, on a future update, remove the statement from the help file on the device.
Cheers. Steve.


  • fergussion
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    Not a happy news for you..
    But they have discontinued this functionality on the RIDER 500 series. Please bring back this feature tomtom.

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    Now BT sharing is gone the easiest way to share is the Share function in MyDrive. (You need an internet connection for this to work)
    You even can share with WhatsApp and e-mail.
    Just select the route in MyDrive and hit Share.
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    Only TomTom could remove a useful feature!
    It doesn't surprise me in the least!
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    My wife and I have both a rider 40 and I love the BT share option between the devices. Extremely usefull!!
    Good to know that the 550 does not have this feature: I will stick to my 40 :-)