I have made a mess during maps update.... can someone give me an help, please?

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Hello, this is the bad story:
Navigator GO50, with Europe lifetime map.
Today the dimension of the update is too big for the device's internal memory.
I have purchased a micro SD, I have formatted it with the device and once ready I have start the update of the map.
The update ends with a system error and the map is installed (on SD) but corrupted. Not only, during this process due to a my fault the original map in the device's internal memory is lost.
I try hundreds time to repair the map on the SD or reload the map but every time the process stops before to be completed.
Finally I did the worse: I have removed the SD from the device and I have formatted it again on a PC.
Now the device is empty and does not recognize the SD and even worse does not allow me to format again the SD because the device without a map is not accepting any command.
At this point I cannot load the map because is too big for the internal memory and I cannot format a new SD.
Worse of the worse I have not any previuos backup of smallers maps.
How I can solve this problem?
Thank you to everybody for any help.

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @AlessioFerrara

    Hopefully @VikramK or @lampard will see this tomorrow. They will add a small map to your account and then you will be able to recover your situation. Once you have loaded the small map you will then be able to format your new card which should be micro SD class 10 and either 16gb or maximum 32gb in size.

    Keep any eye out here

  • AlessioFerrara
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    Thank you very much guys.... problem solved. Good job!!!!
    Bye bye
  • KalaKiu
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    Hi. I have made almost same mistake as above and now I have a southern Europe map on device but I want to have the full map of all Europe. I have inserted and formatted a 16Gb micro SD card and want to know how to install the full Europe map and use it as default.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @KalaKiu

    Connect to the PC and open My Drive Connect. Select the unit and open My Content click on the Map and select to change the map to the version you want.

  • YamFazMan
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    Now the Full Europe map is over 8GB
    MyDrive connect should offer you the choice to install the map onto the Micro SD Card

    Run MyDrive connect
    On the MyDrive connect top of screen Info-bar... Click on 'MY CONTENT'
    Scroll down in 'MY MAPS'
    The Euro Map should have a green tab with a downward 'V' arrowhead
    Click on the 'V' you should have the the option to install to the Memory card

    (1)... As long as there is enough free space on the device
    The device will install the Map to the on-board memory

    (2)... You can't split a Map across the on-board and the Micro SD memory

    (3)... Subject to the first bulletpoint.... You can manage where to install the map....