GPS models with Live services built in

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I live in Toronto I have a Go live 1535, it is 4 weeks that the live services do not work despite the network connection is ok.

This GPS is NAV 3 and seems that Tom Tom is having issue with this kinds of GPS.

So I'm willing to look for a new GPS that has LIVE Services Built in and do not need smartphone for live services like HD Traffic.

I went on TomTom Website on LIVE services but there is no list of GPS compatibility.

Can you suggest me a model that satisfy my needs ?



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    OK I just called the support and basically this is the only model that has live services built in.

    They discontinued the production of GPS LIVE.

    And Live services for this GPS LIVE are only available in Canada the services has been stopped in USA.

    AT this point I do not understand why people should buy GPS unit when they can use a smartphone as gps with traffic in real time.

    Have a GPS unit that has live services in stand alone like mine is very useful.

    The market of GPS unit is going to finish soon everything will be on smartphones you can even purchase TomTom application for Smartphones.