TomTom Sat Nav- Navigation issue.

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Can anyone help me please.
I used the Tom Tom Route Planner to calculate a route from Felixstowe to Luton, travelling in the early hours.
The route selected was the obvious one via A14 and A505.
However, when I got to the A14, I was confronted with a total closure for 20 miles and numerous lengthy diversions.
For the entire length of the diversion, it was very annoying and distracting to have the Sat Nav continually telling me to ' turn around' ( i.e. to get back to the Closed A14 !! ).
In these circumstances, I thought that the Sat Nav would recalculate me a route to my destination using the diversion route. Obviously not.
My question is, if I am diverted like this, Is there any way I can instruct the sat nav to recalculate my route based on the way I am actually travelling ?


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    Can anyone at TomTom actually answer this question?! I've seen it asked time and time again, and want it answered!
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    HI @ph1l

    What satnav have you got.

    If you plan a route in My Drive with either a destination only or with Stops on route and then you select Send Destination or Stops to my device you will have created a route. This will appear on your device and will recalculate the route to take into account Traffic and the routing preferences on your device. If you then follow the route it will take notice of traffic data and direct you to the destination, via the Stops if any, as normal.

    If you create the same route in My Drive and Select Save to My Routes then when it is synced to your Device it is saved in My Routes as. a Track. A Track is like a recording and so if you did a recording of a trip you had done and then selected it from My Routes and followed it then it will direct you to follow the route exactly as you recorded it. It will take no notice of any Traffic data and should you miss a turn will direct you back to the missed junction not just recalculate a revised route to get you to the next stop as would normally happen. If you miss a Stop it will continually try to take you back to the Missed Stop. Routes saved in My Routes have an Arrow against them. If the arrow has a Dashed Shaft then the route is a Track if it is a Solid Shaft then if used will act with Traffic etc.