Are there intercoms that have more than 2 channels RIDER 550?

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Hello everyone. As you know with the Rider 550 if you want all the possibilities of connections offered, you must use 2 BT intercom channels (1 rider and 1 cell phone), but in this way the passenger is excluded. Are there intercoms that have more than 2 channels, obviously compatible with the Rider 550? Thank you all and have a good road.


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    Hi @MarcoBZ

    I think this could be a question for the Intercoms support.

    But our users on the community might be able to share some insights.

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    I use Scale Rider Packtalk. It has two BT channels (Phone and Nav) but communicates to other sets via "DMC" network. You can also bring the call into the other uses on the DMC net if you wish (e.g child calls parent when on bike and other parent is on the back they can both enter conversation but to do this have phone connected to headset) Unfortunealty there is currently a problem with this headset connecting to a TT unit when called it drops out every 30 secs or so so I have phone to headset and just bluetooth phone to TT of internet connection
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    I use a cheap Bluetooth AD2P audio to FM transmitter adapter to create the third channel.
    My headset interrupts the intercom when there is a navigation instruction.
    Now using the FM radio for navigation instructions the intercom is not interrupted anymore and audio of both is mixed.
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    Sena has 4.
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