Poi’s fast charging stations for electrical vehicles

Jeroen van der Burg
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When I want to travel more that my action radius I want to find fast charging stations near / at my route to plan my trip.
When I look for charging stations now I see all, also slow and incompatible. Ideal would be a poi set of fast chargers of higher than 43 kWh (with combi CEC plug), to upload via MyDrive to use in my TomTom go mobile app.
Thanks for your help


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Jeroen van der Burg

    Welcome to the community!

    Indeed search for poi's on the app can't filter results that deep but it's worth something that our team can review.

    The solution to this would be adding these specific poi's using MyDrive web which looks complex at the moment; unless some of our community users have a collection and are willing to share ;)

    Vikram :)