TomTom navigation x Toyota Yaris x Android Go app

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My smartphone Note9 show de problem in my car, Toyota Yaris, the map have a constant problem and reestart.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @AbraoZD

    Welcome to the community!

    Your query is not very clear to me :(

    Are you trying to run the GO Mobile app on your built-in Android system?

  • Asprin
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    It could be that he is using the TomTom Navigation NDS app and is having problems with it.

    See that the user is from South America......

  • lampard
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    Hi @AbraoZD

    Welcome to the Community! Does the app restart when you use it with SDL in your Yaris? I would advise you to make a complete re-installation of the application on the smartphone.

    Regards, lampard