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Updating a Citroën Jumper/Peugeot Boxer's Built-in device's software and TomTom's shocking service.

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Here's the thing...

I have recently (two weeks ago) bought a new Citroën Relay (which TomTom's UK site insists on calling a Jumper) with a built-in Sat Nav.

The map on what is, effectively a brand-new product, is a year out of date.

Several emails with TomTom "support" has only served to reveal that their support team either cannot read or do not understand English because it took three attempts to get anything approaching an answer to the questions posed.

The website sends me round in circles, instructing me to attach my device to the computer to update the software - I can't get my van through the front door.

Support can't tell me if I'm entitled to a map update until I have linked my device to my TomTom Home account, but the only other way I can see to link the device is by buying a new map - but there's no way I'm going to do that because it should be up to date already.

If it was a removable device, it would have had a hammer through it by now, and I'm seriously considering cutting my losses and buying a Garmin with FREE lifetime map updates.

There was no manual provided, nor - apparently - is one available for download. Selecting "Read the manual for my device" in TomTom HOME takes me to a web page inviting me buy a new map. . “Ask Citroën” is the answer from TomTom’s support; NO, TOMTOM, IT’S YOUR DEVICE – YOU TELL ME HOW TO USE IT!

All the other options that might seem to match my needs merely put me back in the loop of having to connect the device to my computer.

I will not swear on the forum, but - from my most recent experience, with several hours wasted - TomTom, its products, website and its customer service is the WORST I have ever experienced.

I have run IT networks, built websites for a living and am able to understand every other technical issue I have faced, but this has defeated me.

Has anyone been able to update their Boxer/Jumper/Relay device? If so, please enlighten me.


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    Hi @ID2019

    Don't know anything about the Inbuilt Satnavs but went onto the main Tomtom Website

    Clicked on Products
    Clicked on Inbuilt Satnav
    Could not find Citroen mentioned but Clicked on Peugeot Boxer
    Clicked on How to update your map.

    The following is what comes up so would this help you . Don't know whether you get any free first update etc


  • ID2019ID2019 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks, Doug. Been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt! =)

    I've now discovered a very obscure link that take me to Citroën's own website. It seems that TomTom has just provided the hardware. The maps come from a company called "HERE" - that's not a link by the way it's the name of the company.

    Citroën's website is just as bad. I can't see my vehicle or device listed, so apparently it's up-to-date. (The map's release date is 7/2018 - which doesn't bode well).

    I shall have to wait until tomorrow until Citroën's woken up and then let them have it!


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,248
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    Hi Ian

    I came across that and it seemed to mention 2015 and only refers to cars.

    Someone I see posting on another forum talks about Here maps. I advised him I was not impressed when I asked it to give me a route in an area I know.. He mentioned it again yesterday and as I had not looked for a while I did my usual test between 2 points . I have lived here, see what I did there, for 35 years and yet again the routes it suggested are ones I and nobody around here would dream of using. It ignores a straight forward A and B road and uses unclassified winding single track roads. My concern is if it does that in areas I know what does it do when I am in strange countryside. My VW must use the same mapling as it suggests the same route. Tomtom, Garmin, Google and others I have tried do not make the same suggestion they recommend the A and B road..

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