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TomTom Pro Model 4KH00

I've been using this Truck SatNav for 5-6 years - cost around £300 - £400 by memory. Last week it decided to act up - basically cannot find Satellite. I have spent a couple of hours this morning trying, in vain, to contact customer services - not easy when your product is not listed!
When I enter the serial number the site tells me that I have a telematics device - I've not, just a regular Truck one, brought about 2013/4 for using in my motorhome
Can anyone advise please?

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  • shecarshecar Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you Doug - It took 5 hours, but eventually was able to get through, get the updates etc - as to being away from buildings etc - we're in the mountains in Wales - nothing but overcast skies for miles and very bad phone/internet connection ;)
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