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Do TOMTOM finally make a camper satnav that allows heavy campers to AVOID motorways?

I was misold a TOMTOM camper by an authorised seller.

I asked him if it allowed users to put their vehicle dimensions in. He said yes.
I asked him if it would route me avoiding motorways. He said yes.
I said good as when I'm on holiday I hate going on the motorways, I want to enjoy the journey.

What he failed to tell me was that you CANNOT avoid motorways when your vehicle is set as a heavy camper.

I've tried all sorts of tricks, like setting my maximum speed to 20mph, and changing to light camper then putting in my actual measurements, but it takes me down totally inappropriate roads.

My van is 9 meters long and weighs 6.4 ton. Yet TOMTOM Camper routes me as if I'm an Artic.

Even a cheap £29 satnav off Fleabay will allow me to route via non-motorway roads.

I absolutely love everything about this satnav, it's better than the rivals in so many ways, but fails in the most important way......routing!

I couldn't get a refund as I bought it via an AUTHORISED reseller, and I only use it in my van when I want to get somewhere via motorways.

Do TOMTOM finally sell a Camper Satnav that can route heavy vehicles to avoid motorways?
Or are there any other "Tricks" I can use to ensure that it avoids motorways?


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,861
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    Hi @Riverboat2001

    I have taken this matter up with Tomtom as it is also my view that GO Camper users would definitely like the option to avoid Motorways. I hope @VikramK notes this and passes on the complaint to the relevant team.

    There is a possible workaround that has just become available. Not satisfactory but does what you want.

    If you open the My Drive Website or the My Drive App on your phone you can plan your routes as follows.

    You have the option to select route planning for an RV then if you Tap Avoid Nothing at the bottom you can specify Avoid Motorways, a recent addition, or Tolls etc. You can also input your vehicle size data.

    Now create your route and when you have finished DO NOT tap Send Destination or Stops to your Device as when it gets there it recalculates the route based on the settings in the GO Camper.

    My Drive calculates 3 possible routes and if you tap each one you can see what it is proposing. When you select the one you want you then get an option to Save to My Routes. When you do this you can turn your GO Camper on and wait for it to sync to the My Routes folder on the Camper. This is a .gpx file so when you open it then it should follow the route calculated with the Avoid Motorways taken into account.

    The dowside to this is that it will not take into account Traffic. If when you are using the route you decide you want to miss out the next stop you had on the route then you Tap Menu, Tap Current Route, Tap delete Next Stop.

  • Riverboat2001Riverboat2001 Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    I have seen that option, and yes it does work. but not always practical to get the pc up and running in the motorhome to then tether to send the route to the Satnav.
    Setting the maximum speed to 20mph works pretty well, but the journey time is obviously out by hours., and is a trick we were using 10+ years ago.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,861
    Hi @Riverboat2001

    Have you tried it via the MyDrive App on your phone. It will involve data but I don't think it is very much as .GPX files are small.

  • wfTamarwfTamar Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Same for me. Even though I have a perfectly fine TomTom 6000 at home in Australia with world maps, I purchased the Go Camper to use with my motorhome in Europe. I thought given how expensive it is, it would have load of features suitable just for campers. No. The only feature it has over a standard TomTom is vehicle dimensions, in theory so you don't get sent up a road you can't fit in, but that doesn't always work.

    What it needs (and I expected):

    1. The option of scenic or economic routes - it currently only has fast or short. That's it! My car TomTom has more options (economy). Obviously this is just a truck sat nav.

    2. It can be very, very slow to respond to input (yes, I've tried resetting it).

    3. The vehicle dimensions are a bit confusing. Does width include mirrors? Is axle weight all axles, or just the heaviest?

    4. If you are driving without a route planned I would like it to warn me if I can't fit down a road.

    5. Can't even update the map it seems without buying a microSD to give it room.
  • wfTamarwfTamar Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Ok, just discovered options depend on if you choose Light Camper or Heavy camper.
    Light camper gives you the route option 'Most eco-friendly', which presumably means motorways. Or 'Avoid Motorways'. Er, sorry, I'd like both please!

    Heavy Camper just gives 'short' or 'fast' routes, but does have an option to select 'avoid motorways'. Grrr.

    Hey TomTom, give me control of this please! All the route options including a 'scenic'. All the options available for all route choices!

    They just don't seem to understand how people want to drive a camper.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,861
    Hi @wfTamar

    The Avoid Motorways absence from the GO Camper has been reported to Tomtom as it is an option that Camper users are most likely to use.

    There is a way around the problem although not perfect.

    If you create a route on the My Drive website or in the MyDrive app then when you select the RV planning option you have the chance to input vehicle dimensions etc and if you Tap Avoid Nothing at the bottom then Avoid Motorways is available for selection.

    If when you have calculated a route there are 2 options.

    One to Send the Destination or Stops to your device. If you do this then the route will be recalculated on the GO Camper and will include Motorways as it recalculates based on the Routing options on the GO Camper. The Go Camper will take note of traffic data as you use the route.

    The second option is to Save the Route to My Routes. After you have done that it will Sync to your Go Camper in its My Routes and can be selected from there. In this case you have fixed the route so it will go where it was planned but it will not take note of Traffic. What you can do if you have put in a number of Stops in the route Select Current route at any time and ask it to delete the next Stop if you want it too.

    Hope that helps

  • Riverboat2001Riverboat2001 Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    In the UK the minimum speed on the motorway is 40 mile per hour.
    So to go non-motorway I set my maximum speed to 30mph. This then routes me without motorways. It's something we used to use about 15 - 20 years ago to avoid motorways.
    I also agree that the axle weight is confusing. I have two axle weights, which one does it want, and what about tag axled vehicles.


    What I don't understand is why the option is removed from the heavy camper vehicle. Also the eco route would be good.

    I'm aware that they are not based in England with the joys of the M25 (known by people of the UK as the worlds biggest car park) With constant roadworks and delays.
    The M1 currently has YEARS of roadworks underway. Also the increased cost of fuel at motorway service stations.

    The people at TomTom have obviously never had a holiday in a motorhome (RV) who in their right mind would travel on a motorway whilst on holiday?
    I have tried contacting TomTom about this, however even their support staff are saying to just select the avoid motorway options in their reply. They don't understand their own product!

    Your right about doing it via a pc, but that is not really practical in a motorhome, charging a PC via the motorhome battery is not really practical.
    I hope if TomTom are listening to their customers and put the avoid motoway options back in for heavy campers they do this on the devices we already own as part of a firmware update, not as a paid add-on.

    It's not all about the destination, the journey should be part of your holiday.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,861
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    Hi @Riverboat2001

    I don't know why they omitted the Avoid Motorway options on the GO Camper. The only thing I can think of is that the GO Camper came out after the Truck versions which I suspect has very similar software and I wonder if the Avoid Motorway option is also missing on those as an attempt to force Trucks to be programmed via the major trunk routes.

  • wfTamarwfTamar Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
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    I usually like TomToms, but this one is a p** to use. They obviously just rebadged a truck one. Such bad programming choices.

    I need to know - does width include mirrors?
  • MichaelkeayMichaelkeay Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    I have a 6.5 M motorhome and found this problem. I simply switch my vehicle to Camper Light (it retains the same dimensions and weight originally input) I can then avoid motorways via current route / change type of route. Seems to work fine.
  • Riverboat2001Riverboat2001 Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
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    Doesn't work with a 6.5 ton 9 meter motorhome.
    I set up my dimensions, then changed to a light camper. It took me down wholly unacceptable roads.
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