Are the servers down?

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the forum so please bear with me, today I have used my mobile app and have realized some services such as real-time traffic and speed camera warning was not working. after some inspection, it seems that there is a connection issue between the client and the server. Reading on the forum I can see that there have been issues with the servers lately, is this what is happening at the moment.

I have also tried to logon to my online account on my computer and it keeps on coming back with a "Page error, 500" so all points to an issue with servers.

Well at least this has happened 4 days before my current subscription expires and looking at all the issues TomTom has had lately I might as well just save the £14.99 and use Waze since I have been forced to use it today and it isn't a bad navigation application at all.



  • lampard
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    Hi @Orlando_sa

    Sorry about my late reply! There was an outage over the last weekend (+Monday) which is now resolved and services should work normally now.

    Regards, lampard