No warning sounds on CarPlay V2.0 App

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I am struggling to get any warning sounds from TomTom Go version 2.0 when using CarPlay.
Voice instructions work fine but I normally have them off and just have alerts on.
Anyhow when voice instructions are off and I’m connected to CarPlay with read aloud warnings or warning sounds selected under the “sounds & warnings” menu option I get no warning when coming up to a speed camera. The camera is displayed on the map so TomTom knows it’s there

Any ideas?


  • Peer71
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    I got exactly the same problem. So help needed B)
  • Andyspur71
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    I don’t have any warning sounds coming through anymore. Not using CarPlay though. My iPhone shows it’s only using sound from iPhone but still nothing
  • dahauss
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    I'm using Carplay with 2.0 app and no warning spoken sounds. Spoken navigation is fine, but no spoken warnings. Am I supposed to hear it tell me about traffic? I do, is I turn it on, user the beep for spend limit. But, for example, nothing about traffic etc. I'm not sure exactly what warnings it's supposed to read. It's the a way to contact TomTom about this?
  • DougLap
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    HI @dahauss

    If you go into settings and Select Voices you need to select a Computerised Voice, such as Serena for UK English, then select which options that are want announced.

    Now go to Sounds and Warnings Select Warning Type, Select Read Aloud then select Speed cameras followed by Safety warnings selecting the options you wish to be announced.

    One other thing is if you are not sure you are getting the announcements you want despite them being selected then try turn the Phone Off and On and see if that makes a difference.

  • Gavsta64
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    I don't hear or see warnings for fixed speed cameras when using the App with CarPlay.. I drove the same stretch of road today with the app connected via bluetooth which just gives audio through the car speakers and I saw the camera appear on the phone display and announced on the car speaker. So my conclusion is that you don't get speed cameras when the App is running and connected with carPlay. That's a HUGE disappointment and now I'm wondering why I parted with money for this app....
  • lampard
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    Hi All,

    Are you guys still facing this issues or is this intermittent? We made some improvements with latest update v2.0.1, Can you please test it out and let us know the feedback if it's still happening?

    Regards, lampard
  • Siepje
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    I have the same problem. Even with latest version tomtom go 3.2 on iphone Using carplay in audi q7 2018 on usb. Only speedcam info if full speech is on, nothing with warning only in carplay.