Start 25 device map installation issue

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maybe the same problem. Please help.Model START 25 I want to update my maps, but I have some troubles during instalation, I tried it many times but every time without succes.

There are 2 possibilities of how the installation can finish:
1. The WINdows app shows that everything is installed, but the device START 25 shows No maps found. -If I will look again into the WIN app it shows that maps in my device is broken.

3. During instalation device wrote: something had gone wrong

I tried:
# Open MyDrive Connect.

# Click on the My Content on the top of the screen

# Click on the corrupt map down arrow

# It will give you more options- Select uninstall

and maps found

And I also tried to reset my device, but without succes. Version of european maps 10.30.

Thanks for help


  • lampard
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    Hi @PetrG

    Sorry about my late reply! I've made some changes in the back-end to remove the download which was blocking the update on your device. Please make sure to follow the steps below to apply these changes and download the QuickGPSfix update:

    With MyDrive Connect running...
    • Click on the Cog Wheel Icon Screen top right
    • Click on the Downloads Tab
    • Empty download folder
    • Save settings

    Also, do you still have the no maps found error on your device? If yes, please follow the steps in comment here by YFM to remove the corrupt map.

    Regards, lampard