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Memory card recognized but cannot install a map

Hi. I have the same problem. No updates possible. My GO50 cannot update due to a memory problem. I have a new Memorycard installed and has been formatted for use of Maps. MyDriveConnect shows the memorycard but I cannot use it. I did reset the system, but nothing seems to work.

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,536 Superuser
    Hi @veenwo

    Maybe @VikramK or @lampard can have a look and see if there is something preventing the update.

  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 9,302 TomTom Moderator
    Hi @veenwo

    Could you remove the memory card, format it on a computer (FAT), first do a soft reset on the device and then insert the card into the memory card slot.

    Check for updates again.

  • veenwoveenwo Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hallo Vikram.
    I did format the card in my PC. I did a soft reset on the my GO50. Then put the card in the slot again. At first MyDriveConnect did not see my memory card. Then I did a format in the GO50 again. Then the system did recognize the card again.
    But update did not work.
    Is there an other solution.
  • veenwoveenwo Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Is there someone who can help me.
    The latest NAV4 version gives problems I think.
    Mow no updates are possible and the SDcard cannot be used.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,536 Superuser
    Hi @veenwo

    Can you confirm the Memory card size you have installed. You will need either a 16gb or maximum 32gb card if you are trying to download the European map update. It will not fit on an 8gb or smaller card.

    There is one new option that has just been offered by Tomtom re European map.

    If you attach your GO50 to your PC with MyDrive Connect running and go to My Content if you click on the European Map picture there you should see a list of alternative smaller European maps. These newer smaller maps will fit on your internal memory and if any of them suit your needs then you could change the map on your unit to the smaller map.

  • veenwoveenwo Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi Doug.
    I have a 16Gb card installed and I can see it as being active in MyDrive Connect.
    Also I see the smaller map to be installed.
    Only nothing happens when I do the install.
    MyDrive gives the message "SYSTEEM WORDT BIJGEWERKT" (System is being updated). and my Go50 gives: "Your system is now connected". This process last for hours, nothing happens I think.
    To my opinion is the new version of NAV the problem.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,536 Superuser
    Hi @veenwo

    Let’s see what @VikramK has to say after he has checked your unit from their end.

  • veenwoveenwo Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you very much. That was trick.
    Greetz: Veenwo
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